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Beginner's Bundle

Imperial Sip
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This Beginner's Bundle has a little bit of everything for a beginner, or just someone looking to grab a new teapot with much more to add on! The bundle include:

One teapot of your choice
    - 200ml Clear Teapot
    - 230ml Green Teapot
    - 200ml Yellow Teapot
    - 300ml Teapot/Pitcher
    - 400ml Glass Teapot
    - 180ml Crackled Glass Teapot

A tea cup & teaspoon
    - One 130ml Porcelain Fish tea cup
    - One wooden teaspoon

150g worth of tea
    - 25g Jasmine Pearls Green Tea
    - 25g Big Red Robe Wuyi Oolong Tea
    - 25g Zen Mountain Black Tea
    - 25g 2019 Gu Hua Sheng Puer
    - 3 Shu Puer Tea Paste Bricks
    - 1 2015 Shou Puer Tea Stuffed in King Orange
    - 1 White Tea Stuffed King Orange

If you'd rather have a different Fish/Dragon tea cup then please specify during checkout and we will exchange it with pleasure.