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2015 Shu Puer Tea Stuffed in King Orange

Imperial Sip
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These Shu Puer stuffed oranges are really just perfect. Each orange is about 12g in weight and individually wrapped so you can break it up and have it all at once or make two sessions out of it. Once brewed, it has such a fragrant aroma of fresh citrus and is a deep dark brown in color, nearly black. It has such a smooth, bold mouthfeel, with a huge immediate citrus burst filling your mouth. The Shu compliments the mandarine taste with an almost burnt caramel and cacao taste.

This is spring 2015 harvested Menghai Te Ji varietal aged just over three years, and oranges are from 2018. 

How to brew:

With these guys, I'd follow our how to brew guide for shu puer, with the addition of breaking apart the orange so that the tea has a chance to expand and let its flavor shine!