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What is Liu Bao?

Liu Bao is part of the Hei-Cha family, Hei-Cha literally meaning "Dark Tea". Liu Bao is named after its region or origin, just like puer tea comes from the Puer region.

It is one of the oldest styles of tea preparation that is still preserved and drank to this day. Liu Bao literally translates as “Six Castles,” which refer to the forts that existed in the specific part of Guangxi long ago. The reason the tea took on this name is that it was first produced in the Liu Bao village of Guangxi Province.

Liu Bao dates back to the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907), it was one of the highest prized teas. Nobles would drink it daily for health and beauty, and it was given as gifts to visitors and travelers.

Liu Bao leaves are fully oxidized, Hei-Cha is actually the most oxidized of all teas. The wet fermentation process, which exposes the tea leaves to high amounts of moisture and humidity, is what takes Hei-Cha a step further from black tea, which is also fully oxidized.


In taste, Liu Bao is complex. It has a very earthy taste, roasted plum, and smoked nuts. Though each will have their own unique tastes, you can come to expect a lot from quality Liu Bao.